Friday, 28 September 2012

Interview with Sasha Carassi

1. We are totally excited to see you play, have you played London before?

It's the first time for me in London and I'm so excited too, it's gonna be very funny :)

2. What can we expect from your DJ set? We have a very underground crowd but they are very warm and quite crazy what are you preparing for them?

Well I love warm & crazy crowd (don't forget I'm from Naples ahah) I will do my best to keep them entertained.

3. Your releases on Drumcode have been amazing, do you have any more plans to work with the label?

Yeah, it was a big goal of my life and I still love the label (it's one of my favorite ever), but now I'm more focused on my own label "Phobiq"....but, never say never ;)

4. What about Phobiq, how is that going?

Better and better, We had great results in the last year and I have many cool releases for the 2013, We have also started label parties which are going very well.

5.Any big plans for the end of the year NYE or Christmas?

I have some requests but dates are still open for now, I will choose the best and more funny option :)

Interview with The Space DJz

The Space DJz will be playing at the Hydraulix Party 6th October 2012 : Facebook page is here:

1. We are totally excited to see you play, when was the last time for you guys in London?

Jolly good question, 99% of our DJ work is in Europe and outside the UK and to be honest, it's sad but true, but I cant even remember the last time we played in London

 2. What can we expect from your Set? Old stuff, new stuff, A mixture?

We are playing a mix of modern techno and a few classics thrown in for good measure tempo wise we are rolling at 130bpm.

3. Your releases recently have been amazing anything new in the pipeline.

We have the 2nd package of AK47 remixes coming out on Driving Forces and Ep's for Artform, Sinewave, Reloading Records, The Zone, some remix's and we are writing an album to be released in 2013.

4. Ben, you are in Belgium, what's going on there, Love? or music? or both?

I wanted to get out of the UK for some time, Belgium is a very nice place to live and I am nicely positioned close to Holland, and Germany which is great for work also the Techno scene here is much more going on then in the UK + yes love was in the air 0-.

5. How are you finding the techno scene in London, Jamie?

Music wise there is lot's of great talent going on in the UK and it has always been a strong force in the ( global ) techno scene but it does struggle to compete with other types of dance music which is a shame.

The Space DJz will be playing at the Hydraulix Party 6th October 2012 : facebook event page is here:

Space DJz Tracks on Beatport:!-6equj5-original-mix/3108825?utm_campaign=bp_share&utm_source=bp_share_facebook&utm_content=bp_share_track&utm_medium=bp_share_track_3108825

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Interview with Mark EG and Chrissi AKA The Anxious

I did a short Interview with Mark Anxious and Chrissi Wizz (aka The Anxious), to see what they would have in store for us at the Hydraulix party on 6th October:

Find our event page here:

1. Give us a brief description of what we can expect to hear at the  Hydraulix Party.

It'll all be based around our new sound that we've been working on for the last two years, so you'll get to hear quite a few unreleased exclusives! Techno has changed massively over the last few years and we've been seriously inspired by some of the darker stuff out there. After saying that, it's not just about all darkness with no party. Our new sound is a natural progression from our old stuff - just  more spacious, organic and cleaner creations, definitely darker but still with those changes and edits people seem to love about our older stuff.

2. What gear are you using in the studio and why?

In the studio, we've gone from almost completely outboard equipment to 90% computer software. We love our Virus Ti and Mackie desk but for us it's also about finding ways to give each individual sound it's own space and there's more tools to do that in software. For the sequencer, we create the majority of our ideas in Ableton via MIDI, then transfer it all to 64 bit Cubase for a cleaner, more polished sound. We're obsessed with distortion and overdrive plugins, but it's a fine line with distortion - we'll apply them only to the important characters in the music but then make it so you can hardly hear it. Delays have also held a special place in our work process too!

3. Who is doing what on stage?

As you may/may not know, we both have the amazing privilege to be involved with Allen and Heath. So, right now we're using the Xone:DB4 (DJ Magazine's Ultimate Club Mixer 2012) as a centre piece, alongside the K2 MIDI controllers and obviously a keyboard and laptop. We're both controlling our favourite elements about music. Essentially Chrissi is the pure 'producer' and I bring the 'DJ' elements. So it's a real team effort and something quite unusual. However, the fun starts when we 'cross over' into each others territory!

4.What are the plans for The Anxious Live Act for the future?

Right now, we're focused on this. We don't have plans, we don't actually want plans. We don't want to be doing PA's for the sake of it, we just want to do them when we have something to say. To make it special for everyone who come's to see it. Right now - we have something to say. We've had many enquiries to do this but we think it's one step at a time. The Hydraulix party felt the right place to do it. That's not to say we wouldn't love to be doing this together as a couple every weekend!

5. Recent/Forthcoming Releases? Please plug away!

The main thing we've been working on over the last two years is our album. That will be out on Planet Rhythm in the next few months. Then we've been working hard with Andreas Florin for a series of releases on his We Call It Hard Label. We're very proud of our two 'Sandman' remixes. Then our Arkus P remix. We did a recent remix for Luis Ruiz which was out on our label Blackout Audio and have some collabs coming up (also on Blackout Audio) with i1 Ambivalent, Vegim, Andreas Florin and more. Our most current release is on Gobsmacked called 'Destination Theory'. Finally out in a few days is Mark Anxious Vs Toumas Rantanen on City Wall - a seventeen track mix album by Mark consisting of purely Toumas Rantanen tracks - a mix of his older and newer stuff, so check it out!

There are also some completely different projects we've been working on so join the newsletter on our website:

Wicked ! Many thanks and much love go out to Mark EG and Chrissi AKA The Anxious we cannot wait to see them live onstage in just a couple of weeks time !!!

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